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Welcome to West Georgia Team Bass Club! Our next Tournament will be FEB.7th on Lake Martin at Wind Creek

 We are the largest Bass Club in West Ga. We finished the 2014 season with 158 teams (316 members) and growing strong.  We fish year 'round. No meetings, bring your own partner. We are averaging over 100 boats a tournament. The 2014 Classic paid over $16500. total. West Georgia Bass Club is TRITON GOLD CERTIFIED. This year we raised our Tournament entry fee to $60.00. With 60 to 69 boats we will pay $1000.for 1st place,70 to 79 boats $1100, 80 to 89 boats $1200, 90 to 99 boats $1300 and 100 boats will pay $1400.00

 We invite you to take a look at the club and if you like stiff competition, join us, the biggest (and still growing) organization of folks that love to fish!  The club is a non-profit organization.

Rickey Childs

All pictures are now on Facebook: West Georgia Bass Club


  2012-13 Tournament Winners


12614wp.jpg (127192 bytes)

lm20914.jpg (106957 bytes)

Mike York & Mike Riley
West Point Winners
16.14 lbs. 1/26/14

Sammy Bailey & Michael Bailey 
Lake Martin Winners
13.81 lbs. 2/09/14    

eufl21bigfish.jpg (29945 bytes)

WPmar9.jpg (104340 bytes)

Big Fish  for 2014
Bo Page
8.35 lbs

Jake Lawhorn & T.J. Neeley 
  West Point Winners
19.84 lbs. 3/9/14

Eulaula 2114.jpg (46708 bytes)

west point lake winners april 6.jpg (106423 bytes)

Eddie Daniel & Kile Welcher 
     Eufaula  Winners
24.31 lbs. 3/23/14 

Danny Lavoie & Todd Mahoney 
   West Point Winners
21.98 lbs. 4/6/14  

wpmay4thcar.jpg (121465 bytes)

wpmay19.jpg (144026 bytes)

Carlton Alford 
  West Point Winner
20.13 lbs. 5/4/14 

Jason Whitehead & Jason McClain
 West Point Winners
17.03 lbs 5/19/13          

euf913.jpg (93737 bytes) WP71413.jpg (109129 bytes)

Charlis Williams & Michael Smith Jr. 
     Eufaula Winners
17.38 lbs. 6/09/13 

Wayne Bates & Jason Grantham 
West Point Winners
14.47 lbs. 7/14/13  
wed81113 001.jpg (107954 bytes) wayne.jpg (109129 bytes)

Merrell Bell  & Clint Jones 
    Wedowee Winners
17.48 lbs. 8/11/13

Wayne Bates & Jason Grantham
Logan Martin Winners
15.35 lbs 9/22/13

oct62013.jpg (143432 bytes) 100_0271.JPG (2187377 bytes)

Phil & Skip Perdue 
West Point Winners
16.66 lbs. 10/06/13

     1st place ANGLERS of the YEAR  2012    
Marty Murphy and Kenny Carroll 
100_0270.JPG (1768905 bytes) 100_0269.JPG (2140928 bytes)
2nd place ANGLERS of the YEAR 2012       
Tommy Gunn and Russell Webb 

    3rd place ANGLERS of the YEAR  2012         
 Randy Campbell and Tim McClendon 


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